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Rawson Chapel | Rizkie + Byoun Kwon | Pensacola, FL

At the end of the year 2013, I got a chance to capture a beautiful moment of the wedding of my “little sister” I know them very well, and I love them as family, so it was special moment for me too. Rizkie and Byoun is a cute couple, they love and respect each others and I can see God’s love in their personality, They already past one difficult step from God, and now they finally begin a new journey of love together,

It was a chilly day on Desember 6th, in Pensacola, but the warmth felt by the love of the couple and their families and relatives was incredible. Tears and happiness became one on the ceremony, and still happening on the reception. As far as I can see, everyone were having a wonderful time.

Congratulations Rizkie “Kecil” and Byoun “BK” May God bless your marriage life.